expo gallery objektief 2012

November 20 2011
In june 2012 Grietje Bouman and I will have an exhibition in Gallery Objektief.
The theme will be "Lekker Belangrijk".
It's a kind of dutch expression.

Is it important as a woman to shave her legs?
Most people think so, me too.
I don't want people to stare at me, make fun of me, point a finger at me.
Nobody likes that.

So we shave and bleed and shave...
And in the meantime I think: "Lekker Belangrijk"


december expo

November 06 2011
I selected and edited a photo for the December exhibition in "Het Bolwerk"


October 15 2011
Today i made my sentence picture with Daphne.


working on a sentence photo

October 09 2011
Working on a new sentence photo with Daphne ter Wee

what's in a sentence

August 17 2011
Today Mick and I posted a new photo series on what's in a sentece
Enjoy :)

new sentence photo

August 07 2011
I just made a new sentence photo.

"Humans are the only animals who can have sex over the phone"
Dave Letterman

And now my feet are broken and my back and hair ruined.
But it was worth it.



July 31 2011
Last week I exchanged photo's with Grietje Bouman.
A good way to collect work from people whose work I like.


July 25 2011
Today I asked myself ánd Lilith if we should do an exhibition together.
It is remarkable how we think and work at a same level.
I just know her for a few weeks now and every time I see her work it's shock of
So, let's do it!


July 20 2011

Big stress about getting my portfolio ready by tomorrow!
My printer is not doing what I want.
Colors are wrong.
Out of paper.

Suddenly I had a revelation!
I have a book!
Raw! life is not a fairy tale.

Why not bring thát to Rotterdam?
In combination with my website it is a perfect portfolio I think.


expo dennis

July 19 2011
I helped Dennis with his exhibition in Het Kunstenlab in Deventer.
Very nice exhibition space, very nice people.
Love to exhibit there too, so I spoke to some people and gonna send my portfolio soon.
It was a good day for all of us!